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Workers mandatory training on safety in the workplace issues


Current legislation on safety in the workplace (Legislative Decree 81/2008) provides that the Employer will ensure every worker the opportunity to receive sufficient and appropriate training on health and safety issues.

The Agreement between the Ministry of Labor and Social Policies, the Ministry of Health, the Regions and Autonomous Provinces of Trento and Bolzano dated December 21, 2011 (published in the Gazzetta Ufficiale 8/2012) has finally determined the schedule plans, the minimum contents, the methods of implementation and documents for such training, whih is mandatory for all workers.


Consistent with the objectives stated in its policy on safety, Fondazione Bruno Kessler, through its Safety and Prevention Unit, intends to take the opportunity of this mandatory training to update the "basic" safety of workers. The above training will thus be administered in two steps according to the scheme below:


All workers shall attend 8 hours of training, divided up as follows:

  • a 4-hour (2+2) “GENERAL TRAINING MODULE” (a prerequisite for all subsequent modules).

  • a 4-hour (2+2) “BASIC RISKS TRAINING MODULE”.


Workers who perform all or part of their activities in laboratories or workshops: in addition to the 8-hour program provided for all workers, will be required to participate in further training modules on risks specific to their tasks.

To make it easier to participate in the courses, each 4-hour unit has been divided into two 2-hour units so as not to interfere with or unduly burden the activities and commitments of workers. We would like to remind everyone that attendance to these training courses is mandatory for all workers pursuant to Article 20, letter. h) of Legislative Decree 81/2008, and also for those who, in the past, have already received training on workplace safety.

Training courses will be taught  by qualified training staff members and, for specific topics, by specialized trainers.

In order to receive their certificate of participation, mandatory attendance required is 90% of the scheduled hours. A short test will follow each 2-hour session.

Since the State-Region Agreement sets the maximum number of participants for each training session at 35, several editions will be scheduled; thus each worker will have to sign up for an edition of each unit so that they can complete their 8-hour training course.

Due to organizational reasons, the courses will be carried out with a minimum of 10 participants.


Training material will be available online at the end of the training program.


Given the large number of trainees, the initiative will continue in 2014 with different editions of the various modules. It will start with Stage A Modules while workers requiring step b) modules will receive the necessary directions at a later time.


With regards to registrations, workers who have access to the "Formazione" (Training) Section of the Inaz portal must register directly through the following path: > Applicazioni > Inaz Portale Utente > Formazione > Nuova iscrizione > Scelta corso ed iscrizione

Workers who do not have access to the “Formazione” (Training) Section of the INAZ portal may sign up by sending an e-mail to: .

In order for the training sessions to meet the needs of participants, it would be appropriate that homogeneous groups of workers could sign up by activity area. To this end, we suggest, where possible, to make agreements with your supervisors.


In order not to increase excessively the workload of workers, the courses will be held, whenever possible, at the various work sites:

• Povo, via Sommarive 18

• Povo via alla Cascata

• Trento via S. Croce