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7. Health surveillance

Tasks and functions of the occupational health physician

  • Inspecting work spaces

  • collaborating in the drafting of the Risk Assessment Document (DVR)

  • identifying worker categories that require Health Surveillance

The Safety and Prevention Unit manages and prepares the health surveillance program organizing among other things, in collaboration with the occupational health physician, the schedule for medical screening for workers, as provided for by Legislative Decree n. 81 dated April 9, 2008, which sets the framework for safety in the workplace.

Since 2012, the Occupational Health Physician for FBK has been Dr. Azelio De Santa.

Definition of health surveillance as per Art. 2, paragraph 1, letter m)

"Health surveillance: set of medical actions, aimed at the protection of the health and safety of workers, in relation to the work environment, the occupational risk factors and the way in which work activities are conducted"

Health surveillance is carried out:

  • In the cases provided for by regulations in force, when occupational risks exist

  • When the worker requests it and the occupational health physician deems it is related to workplace risks

Medical visits include:

  • medical screenings to check the health of workers and assess their fitness for specific tasks

  • medical examination at the request of the employee, if the occupational health physician deems it is related to occupational hazards or to their medical condition, which may be worsened by their work activities, to the end of assessing suitability for their specific task;


Types of Medical Examinations

The occupational health physician shall inform the worker about the risks connected to their tasks, about the meaning of health surveillance and health checks that they are required to receive.

In addition, the Occupational Health Physician will notify the employee of the results of the health surveillance. Upon request, he will produce a copy of the results of the medical visits. After the employment relationship has ended, the employee may request their medical records.

List of health checks

The occupational health physician, based on the outcome of the medical screening, will issue one of the following staements:

a) fitness for work

b) partial fitness for work, temporary or permanent, with recommendations or limitations

c) temporary unfitness for work

d) permanent unfitness for work

The occupational health physician will notify the employer and the employee of these judgments in writing.

The employee can appeal the judgment of the occupational health physician, within thirty days, by contacting the local supervisory agency (APSS, Department of Prevention and Safety in the Workplace - UOPSAL) that will order, upon further investigation, the confirmation, amendment or revocation of the judgment.

Handling of sensitive data

Progetto Salute is the healthcare program organization where the Occupational Health physician operates and it is entrusted the handling of sensitive data, pursuant to regulations in force.

Thus, if necessary, the employee will send his/her medical records directly to the Occupational health physician and not to the FBK Safety and Prevention Unit.


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