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5. Health Stations

The following health stations are available for you, should the need arise:

 at the Povo Scientific Hub, Via Sommarive:

 -          Infirmary, Level Two North Building;

 -          MFLab Laboratory, Clean Room Laboratories, Basement Level East Building: Detectors Clean Room  and  MEMS Clean Room;

 -          BioMEMS Laboratory, Ground Level East Building;

 -          BIOS – LaBSSAH Laboratories, Ground Level North Building;

 -          Workshops, Basement Level West Building;

 -          Permanent station Porter's Lodge.


 at Trento's Humanities Hub, Via S. Croce:

 -          Concierge Room


at Villazzano's ECT offices, Villa Tambosi, Rustico Building;

-          Rustico Building


at Povo, Via alla Cascata offices

-          Concierge Room

-          Level -1 Hallway Room, Palazzina B;


IRVAPP offices, Via S.Croce 67, Trento.


Medications available at the health stations are used in case of minor injuries and minor accidents that will not compromise the worker's state of consciousness.