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About us

The Safety and Prevention Unit at Fondazione Bruno Kessler has set workers safety and health at the workplace as one of its main missions. This goal is pursued through the performance of the functions of the Prevention and Protection Service as set forth under article 33 of Leg. Decree 81/08.

In particular, the Service deals with the identification of risk factors, risk assessment and the identification of measures for the safety and healthy conditions of work spaces, on the basis of specific knowledge of the organization by setting out, to the extent of their competence, both protective and preventive measures for its workers and for the control system of such measures. Additionally,  the Service prepares safety procedures for the various activities of the organization, proposes worker information and training progams; and directly provides workers with basic information and training on occupational health and safety issues related to the various activities. 

The Service officers are:

  • Mario Russo (Head of the Prevention and Protection Service - Privacy) - Ph. + 039 0461 314 307 - Mobile 3355875530
  • Sonia Bernabè (Health Surveillance Program, Management of the INAIL procedures, managing health centers and verifies the consistency between the tasks of the various workers and related suitability. Management of the MNF facilities , radiation protection activities with dosimeters, access the FBK personnel and related institutions, promote safety organizational model.) - Ph. + 039 0461 314592
  • Paola Villani (Interference Risk Assessment Documents) - Ph. + 039 0461 314 301
  • Michele Kirchner (Worker access - IT system) - Ph. + 039 0461 314 593

The Service includes the following external collaborators:

  • Azelio De Santa (Occupational Health Physician/Authorized)
  • Dritjon Hazizolli (Occupational Health Physician)
  • Luigi Perna (Qualified Radiation Protection expert)